Linker integrates seamlesy e-commerce platforms, ERP systems and shipping services

Linker gives you an advantage

Linker – Cloud Fulfillment Platform allows you to offer fulfillment services for hundreds of e-commerce companies, reduces customer onboarding time and costs, automates processes and billing

New Revenue Stream

Connect new customers day by day.
Do not wait for tenders, just sell.
Every customer is big enough.
Grow faster that the merket.
Create safe, wide customer base.

E-commerce flexibility

Support the diversity of e-commerce.
Make it your market advantage.
Creative of customers is no longer a problem.
Let your size becomes your advantage again.

Efficiency boost

Up to x5 more operations with same staff.
Signifficant error rate reduction.
Fast and easy customer onboarding.
All work done in one window.
Automated service billing.
Unified packing station.

New Revenue Stream

Many Linker functions that are part of the platform can be offered as VASs (Value Added Services) for clients, which on the one hand increases the market advantage and the loyalty of online stores, but the other side can also be a source of additional revenue because the operator can charge for these additional functions fees.

An example of such functionalities are:

  • Printing and adding documents to the shipment
  • Printing and adding a receipt to the parcel
  • Notifications
  • Data Preview – access via Linker (often access to WMS costs)
  • On Linker’s base, you can also provide Customer Care Service, even a small online store can have a Customer Service  because 3PL operator’s will provides it.

E-commerce flexibility

The possibility of cooperation with ecommerce companies that are diverse. This is a strong market advantage that customers trust. Thanks to the availability of new services for rapidly growing customers from the online store segment, 3PL operators are becoming more innovative, which is gaining the recognition of their customers.

  • Transparency of cooperation. Linker gives customers full transparency of cooperation with the 3PL operator. Through the platform they see their orders, what happens to them, the number of orders and returns handled, inventory, settlements – on a regular basis. One of the main concerns of online stores before outsourcing is lack of information and current knowledge of what is happening with their orders. For example, when the end customer of an online store calls the store and asks what is happening with the order, the online store only calls the warehouse (3PL operator) to check the status of the shipment and call back to the end customer. Working on Linker, both parties have an exact picture of the order stage.
  • Access from anywhere. You can access the management environment from anywhere using the browser.
  • Integrated services. Every service of the Linker offers a wide range of benefits and, when used together, enables the implementation of complex scenarios in the field of OMS management and integration with WMS
  • Transparency in management. Separating the logic of the business process from the client’s order
  • BE BIG AND BE FLEXIBLE! 3PL Operator will have opening opportunities for all large and small clients

Efficiency boost

One integration opens up the possibility to cooperation with hundreds of new clients.

  • Cost reduction. You do not have to incur additional costs to add new clients, each new client can be served by an existing interface.
  • Scaling. The sudden increase in the number of orders does not affect the scaling of own systems, thanks to the Linker cloud will scale itself. There’s no need to also use all the functionality, just select those that are necessary, bearing the minimum costs associated with the number of orders.
  • New functionalities. The Linker platform constantly adds new features and its existing features are constantly updated. You have constant access to the latest features without the need to deploy the update.
  • New platforms support. At the same time, every new type of online store or new courier is automatically available at no additional cost.
  • Minimal implementation costs. All components and data of the Linker package are stored in the cloud, thanks to which you can quickly start working without the need to build local IT systems and invest in these systems.
  • One optimazed process. The 3PL operator manages processes with many ecommerce companies as if he had one client