Linker Cloud Fulfillment Platform

brings e-commerce to logistics

With Linker you are able to offer fulfillment services in a cloud. It reduces customer onboarding time and costs, automates processes, billing and more…

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Linker is a unique software platform which enables logistics leaders to easily manage their e-commerce customers’ orders and returns. 

Imagine that hudreds of customers are perfectly aligned to your optimized warehouse processes and every new client  just extends volume of your operations.

With Linker Cloud Fulfillment Platform you are able to abstract integration complexity and flawlessly offer fulfillment services regardles the size or type of supported business.

New Revenue Stream

Connect new customers day by day.
Do not wait for tenders, just sell.
Every customer is big enough.
Grow faster that the merket.
Create safe, wide customer base.

E-commerce flexibility

Support the diversity of e-commerce.
Make it your market advantage.
Creative of customers is no longer a problem.
Let your size becomes your advantage again.

Efficiency boost

Up to x5 more operations with same staff.
Signifficant error rate reduction.
Fast and easy customer onboarding.
All work done in one window.
Automated service billing.
Unified packing station.

Traditional 3PL business is almost flat

3PL operators are unable to monetize e-commerce rapid growth. They rely on big customers only. Acquiring samll and medium customers is not profitable due to implementation, onboarding and operational costs.

At the same time, the e-commerce market is growing very fast

Most of that growth is generated by small and medium players. These companies are very dynamic and creative and their business models are changing continously.


3PL Operators



That’s why Linker was created

Linker – Cloud Fulfillment Platform is offered as a set of business functions in the cloud. Always available and up to date. You can use it to implement various management scenarios.

For whom Linker is?

Logistics operators (warehouse owners) which wants to do and grow business in e-commerce area

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Virtual operators (4PL)

Multichannel retailers (as OMS)

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